Nov 13, 2008



This dresser was nailed to the workbench supports in our garage when we bought the house over the summer. I had kind of written it off and thought about getting rid of it last week but then we decided to try to fix it up and use it in the guest room. It’s not the nicest piece in the world, but it’s free.

It’s going to need a new top, a new drawer, new hardware, new side panels… it obviously has to be sanded and re-painted. At first it sounds like I may as well just build a new dresser, but the piece is pretty solid as a whole, but the sides are made of a simple panel that even I should be able to fix.

These are the “before” shots. I will try to document the progress as it comes along for anyone who cares…

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Apr 10, 2008

Wedding Photos

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the day wonderful…

I’ve got most of the photos from our wedding done. I am uploading them to our Flickr page as I finish editing.

If anyone has any photos from the night you want to share, put them up on Flickr and add them to the Hausman-Haas Wedding group.

Keep reading to see all of the photos in this post…

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Sep 30, 2007

We’re married

The wedding is over, the honeymoon was a blast, we’re still unpacking things to make our apartment feel like a home…

Things have been pretty hectic here since the wedding.

Our photos are just about ready to go online, so check back here throughout the week. I have it set up so that you can view, download and order prints of everything right from your computer.