Dec 3, 2008

Bun in the Oven


We’ve been holding onto a secret for the past few weeks… Looks like we’re going to be turning the guest room into a nursery.

Sorry for the bad photo of the home pregnancy test, but I can’t make myself motivated to shoot a plastic stick that Mallory peed on last month. I’ve ben holding onto it so I could take a picture for this update to the blog, but apparently the colors start to fade after a while. The blue plus sign was much more prominent when she took the test.

Oh well… none of that really matters.

The doctors have put the due date as July 11… 7-11 should be pretty easy to remember.

Hopefully I can convince Mal to write some updates about baby news… I feel weird talking about ovaries and placentas and fetus development. Heck, I never took sex ed in school, so for all I know a stork brings a baby in a basket when God decides that two people love each other enough to have a baby.

I was going to write about how Mal gets to do all the easy stuff… rest/relaxation, wearing comfortable stretchy clothes, extra eating, etc. I honestly can’t even joke around about that though… I have absolutely no idea what she is going through.

Hopefully I can be around to help her with whatever she needs. Taco Bell run? Check. Pickles and ice cream? You got it. Being married to a ridiculously-good looking guy? Done.

We’ll post more news here on the blog as things progress…

Nov 27, 2008



A sticker on my McDonald’s cup says that all of their sandwiches have 100% pure beef… Sounds like a good thing, but I thought I ordered the fish fillet?

Nov 27, 2008



Oscar is starting to become more and more comfortable around the house. I think we’ve gone a week without him peeing on something… he’s eating more regularly… playing more and acting less needy.

He still can’t seem to figure out the remote control, though. I’m guessing that will take some time. A few more weeks of Mallory’s “Sex and the City” reruns on top of her latest batch of “Full House” and “Roseanne” should be the motivating force.

We are bringing him with us today for Thanksgiving at Grandma Jerrie’s and to dinner at my mom’s house. Lunch should be OK, dinner will be interesting with mom’s cats.

Speaking of cats… Max has been the exact opposite this week, he’s peed on a few things… has decided that the flowers on the kitchen table are a treat for him to eat and has been 10x more obnoxious than usual. I’m no animal psychologist, but I thought he’d do stuff like this a couple months ago when we first got the dog.

Nov 20, 2008


According to my favorite weather site we apparently need to move to Rantoul… although I don’t know if the clear skies and high temps could make me feel better about the fact that I would be stuck living in Rantoul.

Looks like has the right temperature for that area… I think we’ll stay right where we are at for now.

Nov 19, 2008

Dresser Update (11/19)


The new top is all glued/nailed together. I used birch for the top and sides… I don’t know if that matters to anyone, but I felt like sharing. Tomorrow (Thursday) is my day off, and I plan on finishing all of the sanding of the old paint from the rest of the dresser and putting the new side pieces in place.

This is a pretty basic fix for the dresser, but I’m starting to get the bug to do more furniture. I don’t think I can do much more without some more tools, so I’ll probably have to shake the desire to start something else. Maybe I can get into my parents’ basement sometime and see if my router/table is still in working order.

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