Jun 2, 2009

Nursery Progress

We made huge progress on the nursery over the past few days. I was starting to think it would never get done, but it is now (mostly) up and running and functional.

The room started out off-white with stained-wood trim. I pulled all of the trim, doors and baseboards out… sanded them down to bare wood… painted it white and put it back in.


We also got some help a few weeks ago painting a few rooms in the house, including the nursery. Mal and I picked out a yellow color for the top of the room and a khaki color for the bottom.


Mal wanted a chair rail, so I put one in… I’m surprised at how much of a difference it makes with the whole room.


I put the crib together and moved the dresser and chair into place tonight… we’re still waiting on a nightstand/table that we ordered to arrive and I’m also going to build a little bookcase. We’re going to take the next couple of weeks to put some finishing touches on the room and add some more decor. So this isn’t a completed nursery, but just getting this stuff done is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I was starting to get stressed about everything.

Here are some more views of the room…


The general idea for our son’s room involves jungle animals, so there are plenty of stuffed giraffes, elephants, monkeys, etc…


Our bedding is freaking cute. At least I think so…




A guy that works with Mallory’s dad made this rocking horse for us… Quite possibly the coolest rocking horse I have ever seen.


This little chair used to belong to my dad when he was a kid… this teddy bear will keep it warm for now until baby is big enough to sit in it.


We will be adding stuff to the room as we get it ready, so expect more pictures before baby makes his appearance.


You can see all of the photos in the nursery set on my Flickr page…

May 26, 2009

Stubborn and Camera Shy


We got to have another ultrasound at the doctor’s office today… and I learned a few new things about our son-on-the-way.

First, it’s definitely a boy. The little blobs and squiggles were supposed to mean something before, but seeing his manhood in 4D imaging helped ease any fear of having a little surprise in the delivery room.

Second, while he gets his manhood from me, he definitely gets his stubborn camera shy personality from his mother. We had the chance to do the fancy 4D imaging so we could see his face clearly and he hid behind his arms and hands the whole time.

He better shake that trait fast… because as some of you may have noticed, I like to take pictures. Lots of pictures. Having the camera-shy wife is bad enough, I won’t know what to do if my kid gets freaked out.

BABY BELLYMal is starting to wear out a little faster than normal. I keep telling her to toughen up, but apparently she has a book that says carrying a human inside of her body is hard work. I’m totally joking about that… I’ve been trying to make her life as easy as I possibly can. Hopefully I’m helping her out at least a little bit. We’re trying to find a good balance where she can still do things around the house to feel productive and still be able to relax and take care of herself.

He’s starting to run out of room inside the womb motel, so he’s kicking less and pushing/ stretching out more. I’ve been able to feel his tiny hiccups a couple times in the past few weeks… pretty crazy stuff that makes it feel a little more real.

Everything seems to be going as smoothly as pregnancy can be. All of the measurements look good, all of the ultrasound images look good. Hopefully we keep going like this all the way through.


Baby’s spine looks pretty good…


He definitely has my feet… I’m worried that Mal might have more problems squeezing his feet out than his head.


Stubborn little kid wouldn’t show us a clear view of his face. All we could make out was his nose and a tiny part of an eyelid… the thing looks pretty crazy with all of the extra blobs, but his hands and arms gave the computer problems.


He was smooshed up like he was preparing for an audition with Cirque du Soleil, so we were able to get a good view of his foot and tiny little fingers.


And finally, in case there was any doubt… the manhood. He won’t show us his face, but he’s pretty comfortable flashing this stuff around.

All of the baby-related photos (ultrasound, belly photos, etc.) are up on my Flickr page.

We go back in two weeks for another checkup…

Mar 30, 2009

Big Kid


What a difference four weeks can make. At the beginning of the month our little guy was on the small side… 14 ounces. This morning he weighed one pound and 14 ounces.

Strangely, now he’s almost a little big for his age. He must get that from his dad.

Other things he gets from his dad… feet the size of scuba flippers, an adorable button nose, bulging biceps and rugged good looks.

Things he hopefully gets from his mom… two earlobes and the ability to focus on one thing for more than three seconds.

His heart was beating strong and everything looked good. His heartrate was 146 bpm…

BABY BELLYMallory is doing great too… all of her measurements are right on track. Her vitals are all looking good, so it’s smooth sailing right now.

Her belly really started to look pregnant a couple weeks ago after baby’s big growth spurt. It really seems like it all kind of happened overnight.

The whole thing started to feel real when we saw him for the first time a couple months ago… felt better hearing his heartbeat… even better seeing him the second and third time. I think the best part is being able to feel him kick. I love it. I’m sure Mal is starting to get tired of it, especially since he seems to be most active right when she’s going to bed.

I’m sure there are more things to talk about, but my mind is starting to wander. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll get time to tell you about the name I’ve picked out…

Keep reading for more photos from the ultrasound –

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Mar 2, 2009

It’s a Boy!


We had our second ultra-sound today…It’s a BOY! We don’t have a name picked out yet. We have a few that have made “the list” (they are a secret!), but we aren’t planning on actually picking one until he is born.

When the sonogram started the baby had his feet & legs tucked up really tightly against his bottom and he wasn’t budging, so we were afraid that we weren’t going to be able to find out the sex. Luckily, the sonographer got him to move a little bit…I don’t think Steve could have handled waiting another month to find out!

The baby and I are both healthy. They did the full anatomy check on the baby today- the heart has all the chambers, umbilical cord has all the vessels, nose & lips look fine, etc. It was hard for them to get a good look at the spine, but it looked good as far as they could tell. His heartbeat was 160 bpm – just one slower than last time.

He is a little on the small side – in the 29th percentile for size, but our midwife says not to be worried. We are going to have another sonogram in four weeks to check the baby’s size. If he is in the 10th percentile or below at that time we have to call in the doctor. I’m not really worried about it though – I am convinced they just have my due date wrong by a couple of days. We will see!


I am at 21 weeks and 3 days now, and I have gained 7 pounds so far. Karen, our midwife/nurse practitioner, says that is perfect. That was nice to hear, because I was starting to worry that I haven’t been gaining enough weight. She said that she expects me to gain a little over 20 pounds for the whole pregnancy.

We got some more pictures this time, but they aren’t as good as the first ones. Hopefully we will be able to get some better pictures at our next visit on March 30.




Feb 5, 2009

Funny Noises

Mal and I were watching a video of Lily, our friends’ Josh and Cheryl’s baby, tonight on Facebook. Oscar’s reaction to baby noises was pretty amusing.

We think one day he might actually make his head spin around in a full circle. That could be really cool to see, but we’d probably have to go adopt another dog.

It should be interesting to see how he reacts when we have our own baby in the house.