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Jul 11, 2009

Odd Mix

Just ran to the grocery store in town to grab some cortisone cream in an attempt to help Mal’s rash stop itching for more than 10 seconds… I also had a craving for some beef-a-roni. The cashier commented on my “odd mix” as I set the two things on the checkout.

I tried telling her that I really loved beef-a-roni, but was horribly allergic to it.

I don’t think she bought it…

Unless things really get going fast it appears that little MacGyver will miss his due date… will update my Facebook and Twitter when things start to happen.

Feb 5, 2009


I’ve heard people talk about having “diaper parties”… it’s kind of like a baby shower, except it’s usually all the guys. And you bring diapers as gifts and sit around and drink beer. I’m not exactly sure what all happens at a normal baby shower. The thought of being in a room with that many women talking about babies and contractions and placentas and ovaries and estrogen makes me black out.

The diaper party sounds like fun… as long as no one brings Chewable Pampers, featured in this Saturday Night Live commercial over the weekend.

Nov 27, 2008



A sticker on my McDonald’s cup says that all of their sandwiches have 100% pure beef… Sounds like a good thing, but I thought I ordered the fish fillet?

Nov 20, 2008


According to my favorite weather site we apparently need to move to Rantoul… although I don’t know if the clear skies and high temps could make me feel better about the fact that I would be stuck living in Rantoul.

Looks like has the right temperature for that area… I think we’ll stay right where we are at for now.