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Mar 8, 2011


I’m getting anxious for tomorrow’s ultrasound appointment. It’s exciting to think about “seeing” your baby for the first time. I remember staring at the grainy black and white image on the screen during our first ultrasound for Ian and the rush of feelings that hit me when I could see a tiny person.

Our number one concern is that baby is healthy…

Number two concern is that there is only one baby in there…

We’ve talked a lot about whether we want another boy or a girl. Each has their pros and cons, but I think we both agree a girl would be awesome… It sounds like a lot of our family is rooting for a girl too. Hopefully the baby cooperates and shows us what we need to see.

Also, here’s a recording from last month’s appointment that I forgot to post. It’s either the baby’s heartbeat or a clip from¬†“The Hunt for Red October” sound effect reel.

I’m pretty sure my heart will be beating this fast (160 beats per minute for anyone that is curious) until tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been waiting for this appointment for a few months.

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Mar 5, 2011

Trip to Indy

We took Ian to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for the first time last weekend. It went a lot better than I expected… sometimes Ian gets shy and clingy when we’re in public, but he was the exact opposite over there. Mal’s parents came with us and I think it turned out to be a pretty good day.

We spent most of our time in an exhibit called Playscapes that is for children 5 and under. Ian had a good time playing with water, sand, a kitchen, a construction Bobcat and lots of climbing the stairs in the treehouses. I think stairs are a novelty item for him since we don’t have any.

Ian is still talking about the choo-choos that he saw in the train exhibit. He walked through there with Grandpa John and I think they both had a good time.

I am still fascinated by the big water clock in the front of the museum. I remember staring at it for a long time when I went there as a kid. It was a lot bigger in my head… but I’ve grown a little bit in the years since I’ve been there.

The glass tower art installation was pretty neat… I took way too many pictures of it. Speaking of pictures, there are more from this trip over on my Flickr page.

Ian wasn’t very interested in the big dinosaur skeletons on display in the Dinosphere exhibit, but he had a great time playing toy dinosaurs with Grandpa John.

The Dora and Diego exhibit was a madhouse. I think the adults all enjoyed the other exhibits more. Something about the older kids yelling and running around the little kids… oh well. Before I know it Ian will be one of those older kids stressing everyone out.

Ian played in the little garden area for quite a while…

We took a quick walk through some of the other areas of the museum but they were pretty packed and Little Man was well past his nap time so we just kept on going.

My favorite part was seeing Ian have fun. He walked like a big boy and talked like a big boy and played like a big boy… he even tried to take some pictures. I don’t think my job is in danger anytime soon, but seeing him look through the camera really makes me smile.

Here’s one of Ian’s pictures from my point and shoot camera… the rest were mostly of the floor and his legs. We’ll work on his composition later.

He must have played hard… he was passed out in the back seat before we even got out of town.

It was a fun trip and I definitely see us going back again…