Jul 14, 2009

BabyWatch 2009: Evening Update

I’m taking advantage of a few minutes of rest here at the hospital… We came in last night after Mal started having regular contractions that hurt a little more than she was used to. I had to use a lot of self-control to drive close to the speed limit.

Once we were all checked in and she got hooked up to the machines and they watched her contractions and baby MacGyver’s heartbeat for a while. We had nothing to do but sit around and stare at each for a while, so we got the computer out to check Facebook and email and stuff. Apparently Catholics hate photographs, because their network blocks access to Flickr. Oh well…

Things slowed down a bit, so they let Mal sleep for a few hours. Her rash feels better with cold air, so she cranked the air conditioning down to about 50 degrees… which wasn’t fun for me with no blanket.

She woke up around 5:00 this morning and the nurses gave her some drugs that sped her contractions up. She’s been doing great through everything… just like I knew she would. After going for about 10 hours through what I’m going to guess are “mild” contractions she definitely went into frowny-face territory. I go into frowny-face mode if I stub my toe, but I can’t imagine what she was going through during this whole thing. After some good backrubs and giving her a hand to squeeze she fought through the harder ones until the doctor came to put her epidural in.

Mal’s been enjoying a “delicious” liquid diet of broth and tea and ice-chips… I feel bad for her there.

Thanks to everybody for the support and messages and encouragement on Facebook and Twitter… Mal and I appreciate it more than we’ll ever be able to show. It was nice to see her smile for a second, or almost smile during hard contractions, when a new message would pop up on my phone or computer.

She’s definitely back in the land of smiley-faces for a while so I’m going to try to enjoy it before the crazy lady starts yelling profanities at me… will update after MacGyver makes his debut.

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  • Mal you look great, hang in there…..get lots of pics….I got a great action shot of Ky half in, half out during a C-section, not all bloody or gory, but really shows the moment of life, its on Fb page. good Luck Girl! We’re rooting for ya all!

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