Jun 22, 2009

Picking a Name


A lot of people ask us what we are naming the baby when he comes… and today I’m giving you my answer.


Mallory thinks that she can veto my choice, but I think she’s crazy.

MacGyver was one of my favorite shows as a child. Actually, I just finished watching an episode on YouTube while eating my lunch at work (that’s the picture on my screen above).

It makes perfect sense to me… Not only is it a sweet Scottish name, but almost everyone knows how to pronounce it. He’d get automatic respect for being a thinker, not a fighter. He’d be resourceful with whatever he had at hand, which is very important in this economy. And, last and most important, he has his own theme song. Do I have a theme song? No. Does Mallory have her own song? No.

I’m pushing and pushing for it, but she still won’t budge. She already voted against my other picks of ChuckNorris (one word) and Mister T. Haas… how many votes does she think she gets? I’ll remember this if we have a girl down the road and she wants to pick an equally-awesome girl name like Polly Pocket Haas or Cinderella or something.

OK, so maybe I don’t get to legally name him MacGyver, whose first name on the television show is actually Angus, but I still like calling him MacGyver while he’s hanging out in the womb.

Truth is we do have a few names picked out that we like and will make the final decision after we get to see him for the first time… we also aren’t telling anyone what the picks are because we want to make the decision without any interference from third parties. Luckily people have been pretty cool about that. I honestly expected a lot of resistance from people (and just got a little from a co-worker who came in as I am writing this). No offense to anyone who thinks we’re keeping a big secret or leaving them out of the loop, we haven’t told anybody. One of my sisters asked if we thought the names were so awesome that we were scared someone was going to steal them… don’t know if I’d call the names “awesome”, especially compared with MacGyver, but who knows.

Well… I haven’t told anybody, and I’m guessing Mallory hasn’t… I suppose her entire office could know before I do. Either way… our friends, family and internet stalkers will know the name soon enough. He’ll be making his appearance any time now.

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