Dec 3, 2008

Bun in the Oven


We’ve been holding onto a secret for the past few weeks… Looks like we’re going to be turning the guest room into a nursery.

Sorry for the bad photo of the home pregnancy test, but I can’t make myself motivated to shoot a plastic stick that Mallory peed on last month. I’ve ben holding onto it so I could take a picture for this update to the blog, but apparently the colors start to fade after a while. The blue plus sign was much more prominent when she took the test.

Oh well… none of that really matters.

The doctors have put the due date as July 11… 7-11 should be pretty easy to remember.

Hopefully I can convince Mal to write some updates about baby news… I feel weird talking about ovaries and placentas and fetus development. Heck, I never took sex ed in school, so for all I know a stork brings a baby in a basket when God decides that two people love each other enough to have a baby.

I was going to write about how Mal gets to do all the easy stuff… rest/relaxation, wearing comfortable stretchy clothes, extra eating, etc. I honestly can’t even joke around about that though… I have absolutely no idea what she is going through.

Hopefully I can be around to help her with whatever she needs. Taco Bell run? Check. Pickles and ice cream? You got it. Being married to a ridiculously-good looking guy? Done.

We’ll post more news here on the blog as things progress…


  • Congratulations! Let the wild rumpus begin…that’s from “Where the Wild Things Are”…you might want to begin reading it now. :^)

  • Congratulations you two. If that baby comes out with half as much hair as Stephen has, the doctor may make a mistake and say “here’s your new baby cub.” Oh, and you thought Max was jealous before. Get ready for an onslaught of pee all over your house.

  • Congrats!!!! And I agree with Danny. Let’s hope the baby gets its hair from Mal. Your baby will probably be the most photographed baby in the world. Aside from the fact he will probably be a model and open a center for children who can’t read good.

  • can our babies battle?
    I’m so excited for the two of you I almost want to go to the baby shower. I’m so lame.

  • We are so happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing with us all and certainly keep us posted! Are you going to find out if it is a boy or a girl (if so are you going to share with everyone)? Congratulations!

  • So, I said congrats already on Facebook and then I saw this blog post (again, slow). I am really excited for you two!! P.S. What the heck is your new address? Txt me or something dude.

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