Nov 27, 2008



Oscar is starting to become more and more comfortable around the house. I think we’ve gone a week without him peeing on something… he’s eating more regularly… playing more and acting less needy.

He still can’t seem to figure out the remote control, though. I’m guessing that will take some time. A few more weeks of Mallory’s “Sex and the City” reruns on top of her latest batch of “Full House” and “Roseanne” should be the motivating force.

We are bringing him with us today for Thanksgiving at Grandma Jerrie’s and to dinner at my mom’s house. Lunch should be OK, dinner will be interesting with mom’s cats.

Speaking of cats… Max has been the exact opposite this week, he’s peed on a few things… has decided that the flowers on the kitchen table are a treat for him to eat and has been 10x more obnoxious than usual. I’m no animal psychologist, but I thought he’d do stuff like this a couple months ago when we first got the dog.

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